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Hospital - Operating Room (OR)

The physical working environment of a hospital's operating departments is often characterised by heavy and taxing work processes when handling patients. The patients are most often unable to assist, as they usually find themselves under the influence of pain-relieving medication and anaesthesia.


Furthermore, some of these situations carry the risk of a negative effect on the patients' bodily tissues. Finally, some of the more complex situations, such as face-down positioning, require the involvement of several employees.


By installing a ceiling and floor lift with a corresponding sling programme, a hospital can optimise and improve the working environment, patient safety and the efficient use of employees' time when moving patients.


Frequent lifting and moving operations

  • Lifting extremities when washing, removing iodine or during surgery
  • Repositioning a patient – further up or down on the operating table
  • Lifting patients who must not bend hip joints or back (horizontal lifting)
  • Turning a patient over to face-down position
  • When positioning thorax cushions
  • In certain situations which involve moving patients from bed or gurney to operating table
  • Situations which involve moving patients from operating table back to bed
  • Positioning legs in leg hangers
  • Side positioning on operating table
  • Lifting legs when administering an epidural to patients sitting on the edge of the operating table
  • For heavier patients in general

Products for the operating room:

Ceiling Lift
GH3+ Ceiling Lift (max lifting capacity 350 kg lifted in one strap, built in scale module)

GH3 Twin Ceiling lift


Lifting Hanger
Horizontal Lifter, foldable

Horizontal Lifting support


Positioning Sling for side positioning
Positioning Sling for prone positioning
Multi Support Sling
Limb Sling

Repositioning Sling
Disposable Slings

Basic High Sling

Turning and handling

FH Strap

GH Positioning Lock


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