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GHZ Lifting Module

The GHZ is a room covering patient lift system. 


GHZ Lifting Module


Ceiling Lift GHZ - almost invisible when not in use  Patient Lift GHZ - Safe and comfortable for both patient and care worker  Safe patient handling with the GHZ Ceiling lift

Discreet and elegant

  • Blends perfectly into the room and is almost invisible when not in use
  • Integrated two-sided cupboard available for storage of hanger

Easy and efficient

  • Easy and economical installation
  • Easy to remove and re-install
  • Install directly on all kinds of walls
  • Flexible traverse rail: Automatically compensates for non-aligned (oblique) walls with up to 80 mm/3”
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 255 kg/560 lbs

Simple and flexible

  • Complete room coverage and effective transfers
  • Comfortable and smooth movement
  • Easy to operate

Improved lifting height

  • Compared with other ceiling lifts the GHZ offers even more valuable lifting height

Ceiling lift system GHZ  Patient Lift system in ceiling - room covering - GHZ


The solution is patented by Guldmann (patent no. P15872).

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