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GH3+ Lifting Module

Ceiling lift similar to GH3, but with options like integrated scale, CareLift Management and Service monitoring system and even faster lifting speed.


Lifting capacity 440, 550, 660, 770 or 825 lbs.



Optional modules available for the GH3+: 



CareLift Management Module

Registering lifting use

The optional CLM module for the GH3+ ceiling hoist provides reliable data about the number and types of lifts over a given period. This data is available as a downloadable text file for use in standard types of spreadsheet software, and as documentation for how the hoist has been used.


The data available includes the number and duration of lifts since the last reset, and the date and time of each. The module registers the number of standard lifts* over 17 kg and under 150 kg, and over 150 kg since the last reset. It also registers both actual and average numbers of lifts over the last seven days.


Service life documentation

The optional CLM module provides up-to-date information about:

  • Number of lifts

  • Number of standard lifts*

  • Number of lifts heavier than 150 kg

  • Number of overloads

The module can also be used to provide information about the exact type of hoist being used and to assign a name/ID to each particular lifting module.

* Standard lifts (1 metre – 85 kg)



CareLift Management - Online (Wi-Fi Module)

Guldmann CLM - Online provides instant overview and will keep track of, when and how often any ceiling hoist unit within the facility is used. It can also tell you when mandatory safety inspections are due. 
  • Monitor and enhance Safe Patient Handling procedures in order to further reduce risk and work related injuries 
  • Optimize resource planning 

Adding the Wi-Fi Module brings all your lifting units online and allows you to monitor them from anywhere and at anytime.


The accumulated data are transmitted wireless and continuously from the ceiling lifts via a Wi-Fi connection.


CLM Viewer

The data received is processed into information in the Guldmann CLM software and automatically presented in a usable and easy to understand format in CLM Viewer.


Click on the image to see more about CLM - Online:


Scales Module

Scales built into the hoist

This optional scales module is ideal for anywhere it is important to monitor changes in users’ weight. Each user’s weight is clearly and accurately shown in the display on the hand control.

Because the scales module is part of the hoist, it frees up as much as 30 cm of lifting height compared to solutions where the scales unit is separate.


Having the scales module fully integrated into the actual hoist frees up time and resources, because users can now be weighed at the same time as being lifted and moved.

The scales module is available as an option for the GH3+ ceiling hoist.


The GH3+ scales module is a scales system which provides weighing that is just as accurate as medically certified scales. The GH3+ scales can be calibrated easily by any technician approved by Guldmann.



Service Module 

Service details at hand

The optional GH3+ Service module provides information that focuses on the service details of the ceiling hoist system, including:

  • When the last safety inspection/service was carried out

  • When the next scheduled safety inspection/service is due

The LCD display on the hand control shows when the lifting strap, toothed belt or battery is due for replacement. The module can be used to vary the desired service intervals between 3–24 months for individual reasons. However, it should be noted that EU regulations stipulate that service is carried out with maximum intervals of 12 months. The counter is reset when safety inspections/service are carried out or when specific items are replaced.


Including updates

A visiting Guldmann technician can also carry out a number of updates. Guldmann regularly releases software updates that improve the functionality of the system, and these updates can quickly be uploaded during the annual safety inspection/service.


A visiting technician can also:

  • Adjust the lifting speed, if required (GH3+)

  • Reset the counter when the lifting strap, toothed belt or battery is replaced

  • Calibrate the scales module (GH3+) (if fitted)

  • Disconnect the acoustic signal that indicates when the lifting module is not charging from the rail.






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