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GH Positioning Lock

The GH Positioning Lock adds another option to the many application possibilities for transfer, treatment and training that the Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist offers besides lifting up and down.


Using the GH Positioning Lock it is possible to fix the hoist and/or the traverse rail in a specific position in the room covering rail system.

The GH Positioning Lock consists of three small locks: one placed in connection with the ceiling hoist in the traverse rail and two locks in the parallel rails; one in each rail.

The GH Positioning Lock is also available in a Single version that is able to fix the hoist in a single track rail system.


One System – Many Possibilities

  • When you activate the locks in the parallel rails you will be able to fix the sideways movement of the traverse rail. This means that the traverse rail now acts as a fixed single rail. The hoist is still able to move forwards in the traverse rail facilitating e.g. gait training in the system.
  • When activating only the lock connected to the lifting module you can move the traverse rail without the hoist moving sideways.
  • When all three locks are activated you can fix the hoist completely in a specific position e.g. for rehabilitation exercises in bed.

The fixation makes it possible to use the hoist for rehabilitation and training purposes for both bedbound patients and ambulatory patients.


Easy to Use

The GH Positioning Lock is operated via an infrared remote and you simply need to press a single button to set the configuration required. When the system has to be reset for lifting and transferring tasks you press the reset button and the locks are released.


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