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Hospital - Acute Care

Acute Care has highly variable needs across care areas/units. In keeping with diagnoses and situation, various patient populations require assistance to move, which may more often occur early in their inpatient stay. Patient mobility often improves closer to discharge, however, it is this exact variability between dependency and independence which can lead to caregiver injuries.


Frequent lifting & handling tasks

  • Transfer to and from bed/chair
  • Transfer to/from toilet
  • Reposition up toward head of bed
  • Turning
  • Ambulation
  • Transfers to/from wheelchair or stretcher for tests and procedures
  • Transfers in many hospital areas and departments, such as emergency, operating room, clinics, arrival and departure areas, morgue
Most of the Guldmann product range are designed to be used on acute care wards – her are some that we would like to highlight:


GH3 Ceiling Lift
Mobile Lifter

Guldmann Slings

Repositioning Sling
Guldmann Disposable Slings


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