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Nursing home / Long term care / Skilled nursing facility (SNF)

Whether residents are at a SNF for a short stay after an acute illness or are residing at a long term care facility as their home, it is an important goal that the environment promote dignity and comfort, more consistent with a home atmosphere. At the same time, residents can be dependent and require caregiver assistance for moving and accomplishing their ADLs, so it is essential that the safe working environment for caregivers also be accommodated.


Frequent lifting & handling tasks

  • Transfer to and from bed/chair
  • Transfer in/out of wheelchair
  • Transfer in/out of a geriatric chair
  • Repositioning in a geriatric chair
  • Transfer to/from toilet
  • ADL assistance
  • Wound and skin care assistance
  • Ambulation assistance

Products for nursing homes / Long term care

GH1 Ceiling Lift

GH3 Ceiling Lift
GL5 Mobile Lifter

Active Trainer Sling

Basic Basic Sling

Active Micro Plus Sling

Net Slings (tub bathing transfers)

Twin Turner

Limb Sling

Turning Disc


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