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Hospital – Intensive care /Critical Care


Intensive /Critical care settings are fast paced and unpredictable, which can increase risk of caregiver injuries. Additionally, patients are usually quite physically dependent and have difficulty following directions due to medications and illness, requiring more assistance from caregivers, which further increases risk of caregiver injury.



Frequent lifting & handling tasks

  • Positioning for treatments (turning for wound management / dressing, access)
  • Moving and handling of patient for changing linen
  • Positioning and holding of leg (hygiene, wounds)
  • Positioning of patient – prone position
  • Turning of patient
  • Weighing of patient – take and follow trends of patient weight
  • Repositioning toward head of bed
  • Supine Lateral transfers to stretchers or other bed surfaces
  • Bedside imaging tasks (chest Xray, abdominal Xray, portable CT scan)



GH3+ Ceiling hoist (weight capacity 350 kg / 770 lbs for single lifting strap), scale option
GH3 Twin ceiling hoist
Repositioning sling
Leg sling
Disposable slings
Basic High - for transfers to chair
Horizontal lifter (telescopic)  

Horizontal lifting support

Twin Turner – provides assistance with hygiene and skin care


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