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20 new ramp kits – doorstep ramps up to 5⅞”
Stepless is introducing a whole new series of the popular Excellent ramp kits which provide even better possibilities of adjustment. The new doorstep ramps are now available in 2 widths: 2’-5½” and 3’-3⅜”and they also come in an outdoor version abbreviated as “S” with SlipStop which provides grip on the outdoor ramps. The changes in short:
  • The new ramp kits have a more smooth and gentle driving surface.
  • Available in two widths: 2’-5½” and 3’-3⅜”
  • New outdoor version with SlipStop surface, abbreviated as “S”, which has been tested with the following result: “absolutely minimal slip potential”. Kit S is therefore recommended for outdoor use.
  • The new ramp kits are provided with “adjustment keys” which can be used to precise adjustments from 0 - ⅛”
  • The new kits are ⅛”higher than the old kits (i.e. ¼” higher if you use the new adjustment keys, which means much better coefficient of utilization).
  • The doorstep ramp with corner modules - item no. 11-12501 - has been relaunched with the new ramp type with the smooth driving surface.






Read more about the new ramp kits under “Threshold ramps & cover plates”.




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