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Guldmann delivers accessibility for visitors to the new permanent exhibition at "Den Gamle By"

The designers of a 'journey through 1,200 years of Aarhus' history', soon to open in Den Gamle By (The Old Town) made sure that accessibility was a key feature of the 800-square-metre permanent installation: no wonder, for it is located underground, beneath the Danish attraction's '1974' quarter.

'Aarhus Stories' is the very first museum compilation to present the city's history – from the time of the Vikings to the present day.

Down in the 'basement', history plays out in a series of scenes that faithfully reflect the various historical periods. To allow all visitors to access this level, special measures have assured accessibility for both wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility.
Everyone will thus be able to reach the subterranean exhibition, either by elevator or with the help of a special lifting platform supplied by Guldmann's Stepless division.
The lifting platform, which will help users traverse a nine-step stairway to reach the exhibition area, fits seamlessly into the museum's surrounding décor and when not in use, it functions as an ordinary stairway unlike an elevator would. The brief was an architectural and functional solution that could be used whenever the need arises.

Museum curator Allan Leth Frandsen is responsible for the design and construction of the buildings in the new indoor museum section. He says, "It is vital that all visitors should not only be able to access and navigate the different floors (there are other permanent exhibitions in the building), but also experience the chronological sequence of the story, which takes you through 1,200 years of history to the present day.

"We are very pleased with the result and feel we have created an environment with superlative accessibility – one that takes into consideration the needs of people with reduced mobility. The tailored solution has been very well executed. We've been entirely satisfied with the collaboration with Guldmann. They have delivered a high level of service throughout the entire project."

Guldmann provided consultancy, their technical development, project management, coordination and installation of the solution at Den Gamle By.


The exhibition is Den Gamle By's major contribution to Aarhus' year as European Capital of Culture.

The 'Aarhus Stories' exhibition opens on 12 April 2017.


 Den Gamle By Stepless by Guldmann løfteplatform


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