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Stepless Portable Ramps

Stepless portable lightweight ramps are available in a broad range of styles and designs - one of the largest selection in the industry. The ramps are used to negotiate steps and curbs, assisting wheelchair users into cars, or whenever there is a need to overcome height diffferences.

Plain ramps

Telescopic ramps

Flexible ramps which can be used in many places.

Folding ramps

EasyFold Pro ramp

The ramp is a convenient single-fold ramp that can be folded and carried, thus making it more practical. Max. load 350 kg (770 lbs.). 

EasyFold Pro3 ramp

3-fold ramp with a wide driving surface.
Max. load 350 kg (770 lbs.)

Lite ramps

The Lite ramp is made of glass & graphite fibre and is therefore very easy to carry.

Telescopic EasyFold ramps

The EasyFold telescopic ramp is an entirely new design within this category.

Wide plain ramp

Ideal in places where the ramp is permanently in position or always used in the same place.

Wide folding ramp

Ideal when the ramp is used in the same places and for placing in the car.

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