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At a holiday garden house

For three years occupational therapist Rikke Stolz has each Friday during the summer driven a small group of demented women to a holiday garden house together with a colleague.


Rikke Stolz works at the Møllevang regional centre in Randers, Denmark, and she says:


"Here at the garden house all institutional walls are gone. And even though it is a bit difficult, it also challenges the senses, the physique and the muscular activity. The path of stones up to the house alone is good physical training, and the smell of newly digged up potatoes may make one remember..."


Senses, feelings and - not least - memories may be stimulated at the house where the women have a small refuge.


Guldmann has given a contribution to the bus which takes the women from Møllevang centre to the garden house and back again.


Senior citizens went south

Eight carers from Aarslev municipality on Funen, Denmark, travelled at their own expenses with a group of senior citizens to Tenerife in April 2003. The senior citizens paid for the trip themselves. The goal was among other things to give senior citizens - regardless of functional capacity - the possibility to travel abroad under safe conditions.

"The Travellers" from Aarslev are an example of engaged persons who break the everyday life and make an extra effort.

Guldmann gave a contribution of dkr. 10.000,- to the carers.


Better care through education of backcare coordinators

The senior citizen department in Middelfart, Denmark, has worked on developing the working environment since 2001. The project runs for four years and 11 backcare coordinators will attend educational courses and thereby inspire to a better working environment and secure that the moving of persons is solved with regard to the abilities of each person.

During the process two-day courses will be arranged four times a year. The courses will focus on the natural movement pattern, Guldmann's RISC analysis, how to move people, the use of technical aids, and communication.

The backcare coordinators received a contribution of dkr. 5.000 for a field trip.


Guldmann sponsors clean water in India

More than 20.000 people in India now have clean drinking water thanks to the wells which the DanChurchAid built during 2001.

The wells which are located in Narla in the Kalahandi district in Orissa, India were financed through sponsorships by different Danish organisations, companies and private persons.
Guldmann has sponsored the well in the village Sankaripali.

In all villages well committees have been established in order to secure that the wells are maintained, and that clean water will continue to flow.


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