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A good tip: Mobilize your patient earlier and more securely
Early mobilization allows the patient to start their rehabilitation sooner, providing improved circulation and a reduced risk of infection and other complications.
Guldmann ceiling hoist in DokkX
The Ceiling hoist has made it possible for wheelchair users to participate and interact in physical activities and games.
New product for bariatric care: Pannus Support
Pannus Support will help hold the pannus in a position that eases the personal hygiene task for both caretaker and patient.
New product for the OR: Foot/Hand Strap
Spare yourself from unnecessary strain and risk of injury by using a Foot/Hand Strap with the ceiling hoist in the OR.
Lift enables wheelchair users to access weddings
No more obstacles to weddings!
New technology can save at least DKK 360 million per year...
Read the article from the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten here
Tips for safe balance training
using a ball
Tips when using the sling
Did you know ...
GH lifting hanger with 4 attachment points
The lifting hanger with 4 attachment points is now available in a small and x-small version.
User manuals on discontinued products
It is now possible to retrieve user manuals on discontinued Guldmann products under Service in the menu.
Manufacturer Direct in Ontario Canada
The Guldmann product line is now available in the province of Ontario manufacturer direct ! Contact our Guldmann
Watch our new video revealing a glimpse of the daily work at an ICU department and where Karin reflects on her job as ICU nurse at Horsens Hospital in Denmark.
Tips for use of the Guldmann Leg Sling
Did you know that...
Craig Hospital receives award
Warm congratulations to Guldmann’s longtime partner, Craig Hospital on receiving the prestigious American Nurses Association’s National Data-base of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) Award
Insurance company and hospital working together
Ceiling Track Lift System Provides SafePatient Handling while Protecting Healthcare Providers.
CFMD - article
New instruction videos
for the Guldmann ABC slings
LP50 – recessed and discreet lifting platform that blends into its surroundings
LP8 lifting platform in a new design that lifts up to 770 Lbs.
Our popular LP8 lifting platform has had a facelift and now comes with glass sides as standard
New strong ramps that can lift 350 kg (770 lbs.)
EasyFold Pro and EasyFold Pro3 ramps are new lightweight ramps that with their high maximum load of 350 kg, are perfect for scooters and electric wheelchairs.

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