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New technology can save at least DKK 360 million per year...
Read the article from the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten here
Stepless newsletter
"Stepless - Easy access for wheelchair users in the public transport industry"
LP50 – recessed and discreet lifting platform that blends into its surroundings
LP8 lifting platform in a new design that lifts up to 770 Lbs.
Our popular LP8 lifting platform has had a facelift and now comes with glass sides as standard
New strong ramps that can lift 350 kg (770 lbs.)
EasyFold Pro and EasyFold Pro3 ramps are new lightweight ramps that with their high maximum load of 350 kg, are perfect for scooters and electric wheelchairs.
Ramps capable of handling more than 62 tons
We often get inquiries about the strength of our Excellent ramps - such as whether the ramps are strong enough to support an electric wheelchair.
20 new ramp kits – doorstep ramps up to 5⅞”
Stepless is introducing a whole new series of the popular Excellent ramp kits which provide even better possibilities of adjustment.

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