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The RISC analysis

Resume: The RISC analysis is a simple tool for pointing out the best possible solution for lifting and tra nsferring the individual client/patient. The working environment is the overall theme, as four key areas are systematically examined.


A Tool for finding the Best Solution 

The RISC analysis is a tool for pointing out the best possible work procedure, in the individual situation. The goal is to ensure, that the best possible solution is always chosen. From case to case, the caregiver can quickly discover whether the best solution is a manual transfer, a lift with a mobile hoist, or a lift with a ceiling hoist.


Working Environment the overall Theme 

The RISC analysis has the working environment as the overall theme, instead of solely focusing on the clients'/patients' needs. The analysis is structured like a check list, which ensures that for each key area, the choice is made that gives the best possible solution in the overall perspective.
The RISC analysis is a model, developed by Guldmann. The analysis is a tool, which provides caregivers with the option of making an effective assessment of the need for lifts and transfers in the organization. Through dialog and a systematical examination of the individual situation, a picture is drawn of what is the best solution for lifting or transferring the individual client/patient.
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