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V. Guldmann A/S was established in 1980 by Viggo Guldmann. We focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing technical aids for people with special needs and working tools for their nursing assistants.


Today we supply products and services within two main areas and under two trademarks:


Guldmann – Time to care

Via the Guldmann brand we work to improve the working environment in the social sector where people need to be moved, lifted and handled. And not least mobilized and rehabilitated.


Through leveraging lifting and moving solutions as well as services that include guidance, education, service and mounting, we contribute to ensuring the optimum utilization of the resources in the care system, thus freeing up more time to care. The product range comprises of ceiling lifts, mobile lifters, slings and lifting accessories.


Guldmann operates worldwide and all products are manufactured in our own factories.


Stepless – Accessibility for all

Via the Stepless brand we sell accessibility. The Stepless products provide walking-impaired, wheelchair users and others on wheels, improved and dignified access to their surroundings. The product range comprises of ramps, lifting platforms and small lifts.


The Stepless products can be installed internally or externally for a vast majority of most buildings; private homes / apartment complex’, public buildings, churches, shops, hotels etc. Bespoke lifting platforms are often used in listed buildings where they fit in with the existing architecture that has to be preserved.


Stepless operates worldwide and the majority of the products are manufactured in our own factories.


An international company

Guldmann has customers all over the world, being serviced from one of our sales offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, England and the USA or via our distributors who cover markets from Iceland in the north to Australia in the south.


V. Guldmann A/S in figures

Founded  1980
Employees 350
Main office Denmark
CVR no. 27706746
Share Capital DDK 600.000
Owner Guldmann Holding af 31. marts 2004 A/S
Bank Sydbank
Auditor Deloitte
Danish Rehabilitation Group
The Confederation of Danish Industries

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Guldmann Inc.
Region North America Office
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Suite A
Tampa, FL 33626

Toll Free: 800-664-8834
Fax: (813)-880-9558


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