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Our environmental policy


No one can exist without making an influence on the surrounding environment positively or negatively. At Guldmann we will constantly strive towards minimizing the negative impact and maximizing the positive effect we have on the environment, directly or indirectly.


Considering the financial and technological resources the we possess and the vision of our company and based on our values it is the intention of V. Guldmann A/S to:

  • Conform to and obey the rules and regulations of the countries in which we are operating.
  • Cooperate with our subcontractors and suppliers in order to ensure that we utilize environmentally correct and effective materials and processes in our production
  • Continuously strive to minimize the relative amount of waste and emissions and maximize recycling.
  • Continuously strive to improve the working environments within our company.
  • Ensure that our products do not influence the environment unnecessarily in connection with their use, recycling and eventually destruction
  • Ensure that our products and solutions have a positive effect on the working environment wherever they are put into use.

At the beginning of each year an environmental statement is published. The statement contains status on the result of the past years efforts within the environmental areas and goals for the new year.


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